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Raising Endtime Soldiers of Christ

The result of a supernatural encounter gave birth to the commissioning of The Overcomers Revival International Church. The need for the global reawakening of the body of Christ; the impeccable passion for souls lost and dying and realignment of its members to the structural restoration of the five-fold ministry gifts that must give rise to the fin al last days revival that will usher in the coming of Christ.

Thus on february, 1998 this ministry was christened "The Overcomers Revival International Church" (a.k.a Global Spread Revival Ministeris). 1 Jn 5:4, Hosea 14:5-7 and subsequently commissioned to liberate a world bedeviled by the cankerworm of spiritual ignorance. The instruction was specific "go and deliver my people through the preaching of the world faith". Through an Apostle moving ministry with an explosive word impact which has led to the deliverance of many across the globe, Apostle Elijah has a team of anointed ministers through whose instrumentality God has wrought wonders.

Our regular scores of testimonies flood our services, from prophectic word impartation and expository teaching of the word of God and awavering commitment to the cause of liberating humanity from the bonds of the devil.

The Overcomers Revival International Church is a place of total deliverance for those in bondage and under the oppression of the devil, whose desire is to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The Apostle and indeed the entire ministry's arm are open to embrace men from all walks of life. no matter the problem, whether down trodden, oppressed, barren, sick, jobless, cripple, blind, the lame. THE LORD HAS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

-The Overcomers Revival International Church


Partnership is a relationship formed in order to share mutual responsibilities in common areas either with individuals or groups, to establish understanding with God is entering a convenant with Him to work and network with Him. In Covenant Partners Club, we afford you an opportunity to enter financial covenant with God to support His work and join countless number number of others in building His kingdom and be blessed.



A week time tested miracle service, scores of testimonies, attest to the power that has touched many lives through this great service.


Ministering to the oppressed through prophetic utterances by God's vessel, Apostle Elijah Ekpo. Many deliverances have been wrought through service on air (Televised)


A cyber ministry, which will be a daily webcast available 24 hours.


For books and literature, magazines etc. that will be sent to thousand of souls monthly.


Training and equipping soul-winning leaders of the future